Think of songs that catch your heart, that evoke an emotional response

A song that you love to play when doing housework that makes you kick up your feet and get things done

A song that you wave your arms in the air to, hoping nobody sees you

A song that makes you think of happy times and smile wistfully

A song that makes you think of happy times and smile sadly and shed a quiet tear

A hurting song of loss and longing

A song that makes you want to hit the dance floor and lose yourself in the moment

A song from your childhood that still brings joy to your heart

A song that is so beautiful and pure that you could almost cry as you listen intently, hairs on the back of your neck rising

A song you can’t help but sing along to

A tune with no words that catches in your mind and has you humming it all day

A song with words that speak to you and strike chords

The ending chords of a religious piece that sing out an exultant “AMEN!”

The cadence of words tumbling out smoothly in a good rap song

A song whose rhythms and base make you feel sexy

A song that riles passion or rage, making you want to stomp around and pump your fists in the air, or bang your head.

A song that comforts and soothes as your head hits the pillow, one that ushers you into the subconsious/unconscious.

That’s what my faith feels like to me.