“One single minute.   Every day. 

Just one minute of contemplation every day is the start towards the killing of the nafs.* 

You don’t need a book- no Qu’ran, no Bible, you need to study the book of yourself.

Who you are.  What you do.  Why you are here.

Dervishood has been around since before Adam, and it goes on today, and has evolved.  I used to say that you needed to study yourself for five minutes a day**, but now I say one minute.  Who here can say they take one minute  a day for themselves?

A single minute.  Every day.  This will kill your nafs.  This will answer all your questions.”

-Sheikh Cemil Baba repeated as faithfully possible from memory from a discussion Saturday, April 17th, 2010, please forive any transcription error. 

*I was once told that the challenge of the individual on the Sufi path was “De s’en débarasser en lui de ce qui n’est pas de Lui.”  Some refer to it as polishing the mirror so as better to reflect God’s light.  I like to think of it more as polishing a gem so as better to refract His light and share the colours of the lovely rainbow thereby created with those around me.  It’s very similar to Buddhist teachings and efforts, especially when you get talking about the illusory nature of the world.  But I digress…

**This reminds me of how in the story of Muhammed (pbuh) being lifter to heaven on the “buraq”, he was instructed by God to pray 50 times a day, but then how Moses (pbuh) told Muhammed to plead for a reduction, and it was haggled down to only 5 times… Although technically in the Qu’ran the commandment is only for three times- near-dawn, afternoon and evening.  But that’s another story.


After spending so much time seated on a cushion on the floor, we creaked and cracked and stretched, saying we had “zikr-knees”.  This reminds me of  “prayer bump”.