About Semaras

Author: admin

Sema is a Sufi ritual, the external manifestation being whirling.  Some describe it to be like trying to emulate the rotation of the atom and the universe within themselves.  I like to think of it akin to a spaceship trying to match the rotation of the spaceship with which it is trying to dock.  No matter what, it is an ecstatic, mystical experience.

A samara is the seed of a maple tree, perhaps you know it as a helicopter.  Growing up, I used to love watching these seeds spin, blowing in the wind, scattering and hoping to take root.  Watching them whirl reminds me of the way the dervishes look when they whirl.

I combined those two words to create semara (which, incidentally, is apparently also a girl’s name, meaning guardian or protected by God; night talk).  I can live with that.  The whole point of this blog is to share a little wisdom and a little fun.  My family experienced something pretty darned horrific awhile ago and survived, and people have expressed an interest in knowing how we coped, so this will also delve into that.

So here I go, scattering my words, watching them whirl where the wind takes them, and hope that some may take root somewhere.  I hope you’ll let me know if they do.