Elder, The: my eldest daughter, born whilst I was still single.  She’s 18 as of this post, living on her own in another city studying to be a doctor.

Micron: my youngest daughter.  Almost 15, she lives with My Fella and I.  She’s witty and talented, and loves living in a city now.

My Fella: we met over 15 years ago and became progressively closer friends.  We started dating just over a year ago, and now live together with my youngest, a pet reptile and kitteh in a cute apartment near the university.  He’s terribly clever.

That Guy: We were married for over 10 years.

More will be added as I start to generate pseudos for all the people in this chronicle.

A lot has happened over the past year and a half.  Heck, come to think of it, my life has been fairly eventful in the past two decades .  This blog will reflect that.  Sometimes I’ll post what’s going on today, sometimes I’ll dig back into old diary entries and memories to post a story that might add clarity to what’s going on now.  I’ll try to be vigilant with regards to tagging entries so those who find this blog and who are only interested in its recipes can stick to those, for example. 

Chances are if you’re joining me from the beginning, you’re a friend.  But I suspect it might attract more attention from beyond my personal circle, so please, if you do know me, do not reference my name or those of others.  Names will be changed within these chronicles to protect the innocent.  Also, there is the pesky element of a publication ban in effect with regards to the events of the past year and a half, so unfortunately at the same time, the guilty will be protected as well.

These are my memories such as they are.  Sometimes I’ve made little changes for artistry or brevity sake.  I’m sure I make for a flawed narrator, but I assure you, unless it’s tagged “Fiction”, it’s true.   Also on the subject of tags, if it doesn’t have a date in the content of the post, then it’s from “today”.  I will be jumping around with many anecdotes from my lifetime, but will try to be clear when they happened.   I will be sharing experiences with regards to my daughters’ and my trauma, and these will be tagged “That Thing”- fair warning for people who might be dealing with their own triggers.

I’m starting out on the Sufi path.  I’m starting out a new life post-trauma with teenage kids.  Charting new territories all around.  I’m not your typical Muslim or mom, and I trust that you’ll leave higher powers to judge me and refrain from overtly harsh comments.  I do welcome feedback, recipes, and presents.